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bespoke design plan

When none of our other design plans are right for you, our bespoke plan definitely is! If you want to be the next Amazon, Play or FaceBook we can develop a site that's exactly right for you.

what can we offer?

Pretty much anything you want! Whether it's a digital download delivery service, a custom content management system or a way to showcase your creative work, we can provide you with a bespoke custom-built solution that fits your exact specifications.

what technologies do we use?

We utilise the very latest technologies to make sure your web site is fast, responsive and works for all of your users. We use PHP 5 and MySQL so you can be sure that your site is built with tried and tested technologies that are in use on millions of web sites every day.

We can also offer AJAX support and Web 2.0 features implemented with jQuery, giving you that competitive, up-to-date edge over your rivals.

how much does it cost?

Each project is priced individually, according to your exact needs, meaning that you only pay for what you want. Unlike some of our competitors, we don't have a fixed starting price, so, for example, if you just needed a 3-page application that did something specific, it may well be cheaper than one of our other design plans!

how long does it take?

Again, each project is individual and the amount of time it takes is dependant upon its complexity. When you are sure we have all the details right for your bespoke solution we will advise you with a timeline of when we expect the work to be completed.