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silver design plan

Our Silver Design Plan is ideal for small businesses looking to invigorate their online presence, and for those who are looking to promote several products and services.

You get all of the following features on our silver design plan, giving you everything you need to impress your audience.

silver design plan features

Feature Explanation
your own domain name (yourname.co.uk or yourname.com) We know you want to have a great domain name for your web site, so that's why we offer a .co.uk or .com address to you, registered for 2 years, absolutely free of charge. Please remember, though, that we can only register domain names that are not currently in use, but we'll be more than happy to explore your options with you.
one year's free hosting When your site is finished, we know that you need somewhere to put it so that everyone else can enjoy it too. That's why, when you buy our silver design plan, you get one year's free hosting so that your site is available when you need it.
up to 10 web pages We know that you're likely to have lots of content, which is why we offer up to 10 web pages with our silver design plan. With this much space, you can guarantee you'll be able to tell your audience everything you want to!
up to 15 e-mail addresses You can have up to 15 e-mail addresses with our silver plan, which gives you plenty of room to hand them out to your staff, and have enough left for sales and enquiries.
contact form Sometimes, e-mail just isn't enough. So, with our silver design plan, we offer you an extra page with a contact form that people can simply fill in, push a button, and you get their enquiry in your e-mail inbox. Nothing could be simpler! And, because we know most people will need this, it doesn't come off your 10 web page allowance.
search engine optimisation When we need to find something on the internet here at Yummy Duck Design, we always turn to a search engine. That's why, with our silver design plan, we offer search engine optimisation of your site, giving you the best possible chance of being found.
professionally designed graphics Whether you need a new logo, your existing logo updating or your photos editing, with our silver design plan you don't need to worry about it because we'll take care of it for you. You tell us what you want, and we'll do the rest.
proof-read and optimised text Whenever text is concerned, there will always be mistakes. We can help you avoid those mistakes by proof-reading and optimising the text on your web site, making sure it is free from errors and that it gives the best impression to your audience.

silver design plan bolt-on features

Whether it be another e-mail address, or just one more web page, we know that sometimes you might require just that little bit extra. That's why, with our silver design plan, you can bolt-on the following features.

Feature Explanation
extra e-mail addresses If you've got lots of members of staff, but only require the other features of our silver design plan, you can bolt-on additional e-mail addresses for each of them.
extra web pages If you need more than 10 web pages, but don't need the extra features of our gold design plan you can bolt-on extra web pages.

need something else?

If you need something else that isn't listed here, but think the gold design plan offers too many features, then please don't hesitate to contact us.